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VP Digital Communication, (Big publishing company) 

(Big publishing company) was looking to find highly qualified senior Java engineers for positions on our medium sized team. Being that the tech job market is so tight and it is difficult to find talent through traditional means, we used nTech to help aid our search for vetted candidates. We selected nTech based  upon our previous working relationship. Over the past few years, nTech was able to deliver the  personnel that we were seeking. After following the process and being presented with several different candidates, (Big publishing company) was able to select engineers that turned out to be a great fit for the positions we had identified. Using nTech for this process resulted in a positive experience.  We were able to fill our positions with highly qualified engineers, while focusing our time on work, instead of recruiting and vetting candidates. nTech was able to understand our job requirements and search for candidates that would make a good fit. Additionally, nTech would coordinate the interview with the candidates and provide a follow up after the interview took place. nTech works hard to deliver successful results. They are willing to take the time and effort to do the upfront work to find and bring in top notch talent in the tech industry. They foster a professional relationship and provide the coordination necessary for acquiring and bringing in quality candidates to fill open positions. While I can only speak specifically to the technology industry, I am confident the service that nTech provides could be used across any industry with great success.

- VP Digital Communication