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Business Intelligence, or BI, is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of software applications used to analyze an organization's raw data. BI as a discipline is made up of several related activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting.

By combining BI and analytics frameworks and defining strategy and solution architecture, we will help you solve problems and deliver answers. A right BI deployment can help you become an insightful, advanced enterprise, driving your organization to the next level of business value creation and achieving competitive advantage. nTech's Engagement Approach is designed to ensure faster go to market, increasing ROI while decreasing TCO.

Sharpen Your Intelligence with Data

Smart business intelligence is crucial for all companies. To lead in the market, you need to integrate your business process with your business decisions to improve operations and profitability, and drive innovation. By implementing the right strategies and technologies, you can use your data to plan effectively (not just for retrospective reporting), automate processes for more efficient operations, and react quicker to changing market dynamics.

An Integrated Strategy for Business Intelligence and Performance

By using Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions, we help you spot and exploit opportunities from your data.

Information Strategy & Data Integration

We tap into information goldmines and inspire new business strategies. We construct a roadmap and strategy tailored to your organization so that your business users can access the right information where and when they want, including via mobile devices.

Business Analytics

Whether you want to build or buy, our consultants work with you to understand your reporting needs before configuring and delivering them as your own, BI solution. We can also configure the analytics to be delivered through mobile devices or tablets.

Enterprise Performance Management

Our consultants understand business processes and Hyperion architecture, enabling maximum value when migrating to Oracle Hyperion Planning. Combining our technical and accounting expertise, we deliver integrated BI-EPM solutions that seamlessly enable the "plan, do, check, act" cycle.

nTech Solutions Business Intelligence Success Story:
  • Client Information: The client is a global CPG company with profitable operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.
  • Business Challenges: The client is currently running business operations on SAP and has decided to integrate the BI systems for better visibility while tracking KPI's across the globe.
  • Our Solution: nTech provided a global template solution which covered more than 70% of the requirements coming from the various lead markets and enforced standard processes across the globe. While the objective of any BI solution is to have a single source of truth, it's all the more critical to ensure that the reporting process across the globe is common and business KPI's are the same. Our solution significantly improved service levels and established a transparent KPI's monitoring system for global operations. We also reduced local reporting platforms which, in turn, reduced the total cost of ownership.
To learn more about how nTech Solutions can assist with your Business Intelligence needs, please contact Surajit Sengupta by dialing 1-877-NTECH-IT (683-2448), or e-mailing info@ntechsol.com.